• How to Spray Tan: For Professionals

    How to Spray Tan: For Professionals

    How to Spray Tan for Professional Salon Artists If you are a salon owner or technician at a spray tanning salon, you are probably already prepping yourself for an influx of customers who want to get their spring and summer glows. As the weather warms up, the demand for beautiful, professionally tanned spray tanned skin increases exponentially. Even if the weather isn’t warming up...
  • How to prep for a Spray Tan

    How to prep for a Spray Tan

    How to Spray Tan As we approach the warmer spring and summer months, it’s time to update our wardrobe, pack away our winter coats into storage, and prepare for showing a bit more skin. Part of this may include adding a touch mote bronziness into your skin to give you that spring and summer sun kissed glow. While some may have the patience to...
  • Tanning Tips

    Tanning Tips

    1.Prior to use, exfoliate with warm water in the shower using our Bronze Tan self-tanning exfoliation glove. Then moisturize dry areas such as hands, feet, elbows, knees... etc with your favorite lotion. Exfoliated and moisturized skin helps the mousse go on smoothly and evenly.2. Shake well before use! Use our self-tanning applicator mitt to avoid staining your hands. Apply the mousse to your self-tanning...
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