How to Spray Tan: For Professionals

How to Spray Tan for Professional Salon Artists

If you are a salon owner or technician at a spray tanning salon, you are probably already prepping yourself for an influx of customers who want to get their spring and summer glows. As the weather warms up, the demand for beautiful, professionally tanned spray tanned skin increases exponentially. Even if the weather isn’t warming up in your area, it’s important to stay in good practice when it comes to your professional spray tanning technique. If you want your clients and customers to look absolutely amazing as they show a bit more skin in these warmer months, here are some tips you should keep in mind before, during, and after their tan application.


Choose the Right Color for Your Client

Make sure you load up your spray tanning gun with the correct shade for your client. Most clients will want a natural-looking glow and will ask to avoid going too dark too quickly, so choosing a shade just one or two deeper than her current skin tone should work. If she asks for something you think may look unnatural on her, have a brief consultation so you can decide on a mutually agreeable solution.


Instruct Your Client of Best Practices

Ahead of the tanning process, make sure your client knows about the best practices to ensure their tan comes out great. Have them strip to their underwear, remove jewelry, and apply balm to the lips to protect them. You can also offer a hair tie or hair net so that they can pull their hair back to ensure you get an even application along their neck, shoulders, and back.


Spray Evenly Using a High-Quality Spray Tan Machine

Next is the main event: spraying your client. Go slowly and use the color guide included in many professional grade bronzing solutions. It’s important to invest in a tanning machine that is reputable, works well, and will last. This means your business will thrive for longer and your customers will receive top-notch tans at your salon.


Inform Your Client of What to Expect

Make sure you inform your client of everything they should expect after the tanning process is over. Instruct them to wash off the tan after a certain number of hours. Depending on the skin tone you are aiming for, this could be after anywhere from two to six hours from when the tanning solution was applied.


Clean, Clean, Clean

After the spray tanning session is over, make sure you keep up proper hygiene of your area and your equipment. Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent staining, wipe down the tanning area, and wash clean your spray tanning machine. This will keep everything cleanly for the next customer and will keep your materials in good working condition.


If you keep the above tips in mind as you are spraying yourself, a friend, or your next client using a professional system, you will be sure to see beautiful, even, and bronzy results that last.

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