How to start a spray tanning business in 2022

How to Start a Spray Tan Business in 2022

 Whether you love getting spray tans or are simply looking for a new business venture, starting a spray tan business may just be for you. Spray tan businesses tend to generate significant income, and there are usually very few start-up costs. Plus, you get to make your hours and be your own boss! If that doesn’t sound great, I don’t know what does. But, if we have piqued your interest at all, read on to find out everything you should know about how to start a spray tan business.


What is a Spray Tan Business?

 A spray tan business offers tanning services to clients, where a tinted mist is sprayed onto their bodies. While tanning beds are harmful to the skin, spray tans are perfectly safe. They can instantly provide clients with the desired golden-bronze glow without any harmful, cancer-causing UV rays.


Types of Spray Tan Businesses

 There are various types of spray tan businesses you can choose to start. The main types include a mobile spray tan business, a spray tan salon, and a spray tan booth. Here are the details.


Spray Tan Salon

 A spray tan salon is generally a full-fledged spray tan salon. This means there is a physical storefront where clients can pay for your tanning services. Opening a spray tan salon is the most costly option, as you will need to pay for a lease and register for many business licenses. Starting a brick-and-mortar spray tan salon tends to be the next step after establishing clients and building up a steady income stream.


Mobile Spray Tan Business

 A mobile spray tan business is a quick and easy way to start. With just a professional airbrush machine, a pop-up tanning tent, and some tanning solutions, you can start looking for clients and effectively launch your business. A mobile spray tan business means you can either go to your client’s houses or set up shop at parties or events. You can even have clients come to your home.


Spray Tan Booth

 A spray tan booth is a tall, automatic booth that sprays the client with the product through jets. These machines are efficient and don’t require a professional to manually spray the clients. However, while a spray tan booth is easy to operate, it is very expensive. It is also mainly used in brick-and-mortar spray tanning salons.


How Much Does it Cost to Open a Spray Tan Business?

 The cost to open a spray tan business is very low compared to other start up businesses. While you can open a brick-and-mortar business, you may want to consider starting with a mobile spray tan business. With a mobile spray tan business, you can build your clientele and see your business’s potential before investing in a physical store. Commercial leases can be costly, so it is essential to test out your business plan beforehand.


If you are simply starting a mobile spray tan business, the start-up cost will only be the equipment you need to provide professional spray tans. Once you have the equipment, you can travel to clients or decide to work from home. You can also decide to start a spray tan booth. However, this business idea could be costly since you would need to purchase the booth, which can cost between $2,000 to $7,000. A spray tanning booth is also not portable, so it would need to remain in one location.


What Equipment Will I Need?

 To properly answer ‘how to start a spray tan business,’ we will need to discuss what equipment is necessary. A spray tan business may sound complex, but in reality, all you need is a professional spray tan machine, a spray tanning tent, and a tanning solution.


An airbrush machine is a small handheld device that evenly spreads a layer of the tan over the client’s body. If you are starting a spray tanning business from home, you may also want to get a spray tanning tent to keep the tanning spray in an enclosed area. The pop-up tent can also be useful as a mobile tanning business since you can conveniently set it up anywhere. When purchasing equipment, you can also decide to get accessories like gloves or a self-tanning brush.


Do I need Previous Training?

 Since there are only a few pieces of equipment, and they are fairly easy to operate, you don’t need to worry about having lots of experience. In fact, most states do not require you to attend cosmetology school or get any training at all. But, of course, you still may want to get a certification at some point since it can set you apart from competitors and help your business grow.


Where Can I Find Clients

 Once your business is set up, you are ready to take on clients! It can be daunting to look for clients, but once you find a few, your services will quickly spread through word of mouth. Before you know it, you will have more clients than you have time for.


You can get your first few clients by advertising your services on social media. Create an aesthetic social media account and make your services known to people in your area. Posting content regularly will help you get more exposure and find new clients. You can also create your own website and set yourself up as a local business on Google. Many spray tanning businesses also start by partnering with local salons and spas. These partnerships tend to be mutually beneficial since salons can offer an additional service, and you can gain experience, exposure, and clients.


Get Everything You Need to Start Your Business

 So what do you think? Are you ready to get started with your spray tan business? If so, check out our professional equipment. At Bronze tan, we specialize in all things spray tanning. You can immediately get your business up and running by purchasing our professional spray tan machine kit. Our kit includes the spray tan tent, 1 L of tanning solution, and a professional spray tan machine. For just $259.99, you can start a business with limitless revenue. It is simply up to how many appointments you want to schedule.

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