How to prep for a Spray Tan

How to Spray Tan

As we approach the warmer spring and summer months, it’s time to update our wardrobe, pack away our winter coats into storage, and prepare for showing a bit more skin. Part of this may include adding a touch mote bronziness into your skin to give you that spring and summer sun kissed glow. While some may have the patience to wait all day in the sun to get a natural tan, we don’t all have that luxury. Plus, natural tanning under the sun can subject your skin to harmful UV rays which can increase your risk for sunburns and skin cancers. Spray tanning provides an easier alternative that does not harm the skin and still gives a natural, tanned effect to the skin. if you want to know the ins and outs of spray tanning, here’s a quick guide.


Exfoliate Your Skin Beforehand

One of the most important preparation steps to applying a spray tan at home or spray tanning a client in a salon is to exfoliate your skin or the skin of the client. Exfoliating will ensure you have a clean, smooth canvas to apply the faux tanning mousse or cream onto, creating an even tan. The best tool to use for this step is an exfoliating mitt that is conveniently worn on your hand for easy exfoliation in the shower or tub beforehand. Then, pat dry, and you’re ready to move on to the next step.


Protect Some Areas With Lotion

To avoid streaky or built-up areas of your spray tan, try using an emollient lotion as a barrier on areas that are prone to build up like your hands, feet, elbows, and knees. The texture of the cream will help prevent the spray tan from collecting in these areas and causing an uneven or patchy tan.


Apply the Tanner as Evenly as You Can

The best way to ensure that you’re applying the spray tan as evenly as possible is by spraying it on another person, or if the individual is tanning at home alone, by using an applicator mitt. An applicator mitt helps you make sure the tan is being distributed evenly across your skin.


Wash Your Hands Thoroughly

After you’re all done applying your tan, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands. Spray tan can collect on your fingers and knuckles and cause unnatural orange staining, so it’s best to wash everything off pretty quickly.


Sleep in Loose-Fitting Clothing on Dark Sheets

If you’ve spray tanned at home, you need to take precautions when it comes to staining your home goods. When it’s time for you to go to bed and for the tan to process overnight, make sure you wear loose-fitting pajamas so that the clothing does not stick to your newly applied tan. If possible, you should also opt to use darker colored sheets so that you do not stain anything while you’re asleep. It may also behoove you to cover your pillow with a towel to ensure that stays clean, too.


If you do all of the above steps effectively, you should wake up the day after your at-home spray tanning session with a beautiful bronze tan glow. You’ll be ready to hit the shores or the pool in no time!

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