Self Tanning Mousse 1 Hour Express Dark Dark Self Tanner

Bronze Tan
Description: ★ATTENTION!!! The color you see after application is just the color guide to ensure smooth and even blending of the self tanner mousse. This will completely wash off in the shower and it is NOT your actual tan. Your tan will be noticeable the next day and be darkest...

★ATTENTION!!! The color you see after application is just the color guide to ensure smooth and even blending of the self tanner mousse. This will completely wash off in the shower and it is NOT your actual tan. Your tan will be noticeable the next day and be darkest on day #2. It will look like a completely natural sun tan and will last about 5-7 days. To avoid getting stains on your hands please use our deluxe self-tanning applicator mitt.

★SUN KISSED WITHOUT THE SUN DAMAGE: Do you love that bronzed and beautiful exotic glow, but are terrified of wrinkles, sun-spots, sun damage or worse… skin cancer? Then Bronze Tan self tanner is for you! Say goodbye to skin damage and hello to a new and tanner you.

★ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Bronze Tan sunless tanning mousse is formulated with only the highest quality natural ingredients. Our cutting-edge formula will moisturize and hydrate your skin while giving you that stunning beach babe goddess look. You will be sure to turn some heads and snap some necks with our one of a kind tanning mousse.

★DELICIOUS VANILLA SCENT: Bronze Tan 1 hour express sunless tanner is infused with vanilla extract for a warm and sexy smell to compliment your beautiful new tan. You can wear this product with confidence knowing that it makes you smell as good as it makes you look.

★SAFE FOR WOMEN AND MEN OF ALL AGES: This product is for everyone of all genders, skin tones and ages, from all walks of life. From the male body-builder preparing for competition, to the young girl who just wants to look like a movie star. This product will make you bronzed, beautiful, and confident to be whoever it is that you want to be.

★ Generously apply moisturizer to all dry areas on your body to avoid streaks from the tanner. Pump your Bronze Tan sunless tanner on to your deluxe tanning applicator mitt. Use circular motions to apply the tanning mousse directly to your body. Continue to blend until you have a smooth and even coverage. Wait at least one minute before dressing.

★ For lighter skin tones seeking a medium tan, shower off after 30 minutes. For medium skin tones seeking a dark tan, shower off after 1 hour. For dark skin tones seeking an ultra-dark tan, shower off after 2 hours. For best results apply to clean, dry, and exfoliated skin.

Aqua, Dihydroxyacetone, Aloe barbadensis (Organic Aloe vera) leaf juice, Propylene glycol, Butylene glycol, Glycerin, Ethoxydiglycol, Hydrolyzed jojoba ester, Decyl glucoside, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Polysorbate- 20, Tocopheryl acetate, Carrageenan, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium metabisulfite, Parfum, Blue 1 (CI42090), Yellow 5 (CI19140), Red 4 (CI14700).

Paraben Free and Alcohol Free


★ For external use only. This product does not contain sunscreen and will not protect the user from dangerous UV rays. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult a medical professional. This product may stain clothing, furniture or hair. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 236 reviews
Crissu Amendolare

I do not like the way it goes on it's too dark and I just do not like it in fact I'd like to send this back

Kylie Pewe
Coming from a tanning salon manager, YES. This is a great product!

I don’t usually take time to write reviews.. but I managed the largest tanning salon chains in the US for two years and I LIVED off of spray tans. Yes, we sold products similar to this that worked decent between sprays, but never really looked like a real tan all over.

BUT WOW.. The first day I tried this mousse I was blown away by how well it applied (I LOVE the color tint it has to help with application btw) and it worked FAST! I love love love to be dark, but since I only did my legs I only left it on half of the max time and my legs still got super dark from just that time.

(I met up with my mom the next day, who tans super easy/fast in the summer and she was super confused how I got as tan as her all of a sudden. She didn’t say anything until the next day because she thought it was a real tan.)

Along with that, every product I’ve used ends up staining patches of scaly/cracking looking areas as it wears off.. this faded off so evenly. I’m just in a little disbelief, if you can’t tell.

Second to lastly, I prefer the purple undertone vs the red/pink undertone and that’s what this gives! I think it counted balances to not give that orange fake look!

End of my rant is that this is a GREAT product, no I didn’t get paid to write this long a** post haha, but I felt it worth to share because I go off of reviews before buying anything. So yes, I recommend and yes, I will be purchasing again when I run out.

P.s. I got the lotion, which smells great and I think helped to keep the tan/skin moisturized. And I also got the water face spray, which works but that one does turn more orange as it wears off.

Desiree Zerebnick
Not for me

Definitely tans...too dark too dark .JUST TO DARK FOR ME!

Jack Laverie III
One of the best sunless tanners I've tried

Works better than most sunless tanners I've tried in the past. You will have to use gloves or mitt to apply. Even though it may go on a little blotchy, the end result is a very even and natural looking tan. I leave it on for 3 hours before showering to get the best and darker tan look.

Jennie McCraney
Great sunless tanner for people who hate sunless tanner

This is by far my favorite sunless tanner. I can’t stand the sticky, smelly god-awfulness that comes with most sunless tanners. Especially ones I have to leave on for 6-8 hours. I want to crawl out of my skin the entire time. Literally cannot wash it off fast enough when I get in the shower. This product actually dries on my skin and the scent is pleasant. The guide color makes application easy and I rarely streak. If I do it’s because I’ve gotten water on my skin or missed a spot really. It does develop more subtly than other tanners, but if I use twice a week in the summer, that’s enough for me to feel more confident in shorts and a bathing suit. I have a “light medium” complexion with an olive base, but my legs are really just pasty white naturally and don’t tan well. Its worth the $20 for sure. One bottle lasts me most of the summer. And I love that I can tolerate this product on my skin for the full 2 hours to get the best color possible! I have tried others, but am always disappointed and come back to this one.

I use a mitt and blend into my wrists/top of hands/top of feet/ankles when very little product is left on it. I finish with my face/neck using up the excess product (which isn’t recommended) and leave on for half the time. I have consistently good results. Even color, minimal splotching/streaking and it fades naturally. Big fan of this sunless tanner! :)

Real Results

Product: Self Tanning Mousse


Literally the best self tanning mousse I have EVER used. (And I’ve tried them all at this point!!) don’t hesitate to buy this product, seriously have found my forever self tanner. Smells great when applying and doesn’t leave a lingering smell during the day like more self tanners do. Please don’t stop making this product ever! OBSESSED.
Shelby Foster
Products: Self Tanning Mousse

The Best!

This was my first time using self tanner and I absolutely love it! It goes on easy and there is no streaking. It’s smells good and doesn’t leave u looking orange m! Definitely my go to from now on!!
Product: Self Tanning Mousse

Amazing product

This product is absolutely perfect! There's no streaking, smudging, or gross tan smell. It has made my skin look and feel beautiful. My favorite is the cucumber scented face mist!
Product: Self Tanning Mousse

Best self tanner!

I absolutely love this self tanner, from the smell to the fast drying time! I normally leave it on for about 3 hours before washing it off and it gives me a very nice tan that last about 5 days and then I reapply. But over all this so far as been one of my favorites and go to this year!
Products: Self Tanning Mousse

Five stars

Amazing product !! Doesn’t make you look orange either. !! Very pleased and excellent quality !!!! Definitely salon formula !!!!
Edwin Arias
Product: Self Tanning Mousse

Best yet

Absolutely hands down the best self tanner I've used!! I purchased the MIT and it made for an easy application. My new go to! Fast,affordable and a perfect streak free tan😁
Angela Smink
Product: Face & Body Tanning Water

Love love love !!!

This stuff is a absolute game changer!!! Spray it on after the shower or in the middle of the day! It gives such a great glow! Especially for that tan no makeup look which I absolutely love!!
Product: Face & Body Tanning Water

Results are fast for me

I just got this item and used it yesterday. I had my bra on but already notice a difference after one use. I was shocked to say how much darker I already look. Would buy again once I run out.
Product: Gradual Tanning Lotion

It really extended my tan!

This is my favorite post tan product. It helps my tan stay on longer than usual and moisturizes my skin. I get lazy with lotion so this is a life saver!
Self Tanning Mousse 1 Hour Express Dark Dark Self Tanner
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