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Professional Spray Tan Machine

Bronze Tan
Elevate your tanning experience with Bronze Tan's HVLP Spray Tan Machine. Dive into unparalleled quality at an exceptional value, designed for professionals and enthusiasts seeking perfection and affordability in one solution.

Embark on an exceptional tanning journey with the Bronze Tan HVLP Spray Tan Machine, where great value meets supreme quality. This premium machine, crafted for both the seasoned professionals and spirited beginners, is a standout in the competitive landscape, thanks to its attractive pricing and unmatched performance. Its advanced HVLP technology delivers an impeccably smooth, streak-free glow, optimizing product use and ensuring a stunning, sun-kissed sheen. Its robust yet compact architecture is the perfect fit for on-the-go tanning services or personal home setups, offering versatility unmatched by any other in its category. Plus, with your purchase, gain exclusive access to our comprehensive Mobile Training Program Booklet, brimming with expert tips to elevate your tanning technique and business acumen. Invest in a cost-effective, high-quality tanning experience that will wow your clients and amplify your passion for the art of tanning!

  1. Preparation: Initiate your setup in a well-ventilated area, using a tanning tent to shield your surroundings from any overspray.

  2. Assembly: Put together your HVLP Spray Tan Machine following the provided guidelines, double-checking all connections for complete security.

  3. Solution Application: Fill the device's reservoir with your preferred Bronze Tan spray solution, securing it to the spray gun without any risk of leaks.

  4. Customization: Get comfortable with the machine's adjustable controls for flow and pattern. Perform a quick test spray to guarantee the perfect application consistency.

  5. Technique: Keep the gun at a steady 10-12 inches from the skin, employing consistent, smooth strokes for an even coverage, paying special attention to lighter application on rough skin patches like elbows and knees.

  6. Drying and Client Care: Allow the skin to dry for approximately 10 minutes post-application. Guide your clients on the best aftercare practices, including appropriate clothing choices and showering procedures.

  7. Maintenance: Preserve your machine's top-tier performance and longevity by cleaning it thoroughly after each session, as directed in the user guidelines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews

I expected it to be like the Maxi mist lite, it has good reviews but for me it sprayed spotty. I didn't like the way it looked on my client so now I have to order a different one.


This is super easy to do at home and I love that I can get some quick color when needed. I bought the solution that goes with the machine but I think I will switch next time. I have to leave it on for almost the whole day and it only makes me like a shade darker. It lasts about a week as well.

Pam Nicholson

Way over sprays. Can’t get knob to turn down to spray less. Solution is waaaaaay to dark and I have a dark complexion. Wouldn’t spend $20 on this much less almost $200.

Stopped working

I had to return this because after the third use it wouldn’t spray anymore. I cleaned it thoroughly after each use and tried troubleshooting when it stopped spraying but I couldn’t get it to work.

Amazon Customer
Love it

This is like the power washer of spray tan machines. Quick and efficient but you will use more product because of how strong the spray is. Have only used it a few times but so far it's much better than my old one.

Real Results

Product: Self Tanning Mousse


Literally the best self tanning mousse I have EVER used. (And I’ve tried them all at this point!!) don’t hesitate to buy this product, seriously have found my forever self tanner. Smells great when applying and doesn’t leave a lingering smell during the day like more self tanners do. Please don’t stop making this product ever! OBSESSED.
Shelby Foster
Products: Self Tanning Mousse

The Best!

This was my first time using self tanner and I absolutely love it! It goes on easy and there is no streaking. It’s smells good and doesn’t leave u looking orange m! Definitely my go to from now on!!
Product: Self Tanning Mousse

Amazing product

This product is absolutely perfect! There's no streaking, smudging, or gross tan smell. It has made my skin look and feel beautiful. My favorite is the cucumber scented face mist!
Product: Self Tanning Mousse

Best self tanner!

I absolutely love this self tanner, from the smell to the fast drying time! I normally leave it on for about 3 hours before washing it off and it gives me a very nice tan that last about 5 days and then I reapply. But over all this so far as been one of my favorites and go to this year!
Products: Self Tanning Mousse

Five stars

Amazing product !! Doesn’t make you look orange either. !! Very pleased and excellent quality !!!! Definitely salon formula !!!!
Edwin Arias
Product: Self Tanning Mousse

Best yet

Absolutely hands down the best self tanner I've used!! I purchased the MIT and it made for an easy application. My new go to! Fast,affordable and a perfect streak free tan😁
Angela Smink
Product: Face & Body Tanning Water

Love love love !!!

This stuff is a absolute game changer!!! Spray it on after the shower or in the middle of the day! It gives such a great glow! Especially for that tan no makeup look which I absolutely love!!
Product: Face & Body Tanning Water

Results are fast for me

I just got this item and used it yesterday. I had my bra on but already notice a difference after one use. I was shocked to say how much darker I already look. Would buy again once I run out.
Product: Gradual Tanning Lotion

It really extended my tan!

This is my favorite post tan product. It helps my tan stay on longer than usual and moisturizes my skin. I get lazy with lotion so this is a life saver!
Professional Spray Tan Machine
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