Professional Spray Tan Solution Dark Premium Blend 15% 250ML

Bronze Tan
✔️ APPLICATION: Shake well before use! This spray tanning solution is made for spray tan professionals and is universal for HVLP/airbrush systems. Add sunless tanner solution as directed by equipment manufacturer.✔️ BRONZE IN MINUTES: The ashy chocolate color you see after application is just the color guide/bronzer to make sure...
✔️ APPLICATION: Shake well before use! This spray tanning solution is made for spray tan professionals and is universal for HVLP/airbrush systems. Add sunless tanner solution as directed by equipment manufacturer.
✔️ BRONZE IN MINUTES: The ashy chocolate color you see after application is just the color guide/bronzer to make sure that you didn’t miss a spot. The DHA will begin to activate after 1-4 hours after application. Your spray tan will darkest after 24 hours and should last 5-7 days.
✔️ PRO TIPS: For a medium self tan, wash off after 2 hours. For a dark tan, wash off after 4 hours. For an ultra-dark tan wash off after 6 hours. Do not go into a chlorinated pool for the first 24 hours after your tan! Please use: eye shields, nose filters, underwear, and lip balm during your session.
✔️ DON’T WORRY: The color you see washing down the drain while showering is just the bronzer/color guide. This is not your tan washing down the drain! The DHA has already reacted with your skin and will show up 24 hours after your spray tan session.
✔️COCONUT SCENTED: The Bronze Tan spray solution comes with a delicious coconut scent. No more weird self tanner smell.

Customer Reviews

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Your browser does not support HTML5 video. La texture, l'odeur tout est parfait et surtout le bronzage est vraiment retour des îles.Il ne tâche pas davantage que d'autres, normal que les jours suivants en sortant de la douche, il laisse un peu de trace sur la serviette, qui part très bien au lavage.Le bronzage dure une semaine facile.

Pretty Good

Make sure to follow the instructions. This is pretty easy to use and smells great! Just wish it lasted a bit longer.

Great deep tan color that lasts 5-7 days, intended to use with a spray gun, shake well before use

This review is for: Bronze Tan Special DARK Blend Premium Spray Tan Solution For Spray Tanning Professionals - Coconut Scented Sunless Tanning Solution (250 ml / 8.45 FL OZ)I was actually very nervous about hotte the color from this tan solution would turn out sheet reading multiple techie where the user ended up with green skin from this, fortunately I can sau that that was not my experience and this game me a beautiful dark but somewhat natural looking tan. This is liquid (not foam to be applied by hand) and is to be applied using a spray gun machine specifically made for applying sunless tan solution.The scent starts out good with hints of coconut, and then the more it develops, the more the 'fake tan' smell comes out. Once rinsed off, the fake tan smell diminishes greatly and only is faintly detectable and disappears more with each shower. The tan also fades along with each shower. The tan lasted on me for about 5 to 7 days, and gradually faded. I would say it was fully developed after about 7 to 8 hours, and it was a very deep tan for three first 2 days. It faded mostly evenly, a little splotchy on some places but not bad.It's VERY IMPORTANT to tag the directions in both this tan solution and on whatever sprayer you're using. It's also important to shake ther solution well, I'm thinking that might be the issue that caused some users to develop a green tan. Make sure to exfoliate well before use, and apply a barrier cream/ lotion to the areas that the tan clings to (any dry or rough patches of skin/ thicker skin such as knees, elbows, ankles, heels, fingers and toes)Overall, I think this is a great solution, that gives beautiful somewhat long lasting color. I will continue using it and recommending it to others.

Fantastic Colour

I’m a loyal st moriz tanner after years of spending a fortune on bigger brands only to be unhappy with the outcome and let’s be honest ladies the last thing any of us need is a bad tan for days on end so I was a bit apprehensive of trying this but felt brave one night and went for it.....First I put some in a spray bottle since I don’t have a machine and then I started on my legs.... ok first impression looks a bit of a dull grey but carried on..... eyes must have got used to the initial colour so decided on a little extra spray on the “problem” areas that never seem to hold the colour Long like my legs..... half hour later it began developing, since I like to be dark I decided I would keep it on overnight and shower In morning however after 2 hours I was beginning to doubt that plan.... I was getting darker and darker but I took the risk it’s COVID we are in lockdown no one will see, by morning I looked like I had been dipped in a vast of chocolate so I jumped straight in the shower.... thankfully the chocolate look washed off.... I was seriously impressed the colour was great and so even all over.... and best of all it lasted almost a week!! However my hands started to fade and go patchy after the second day but to be fair as a mother of 5 kids 3 of which are toddlers my hands are forever in water and bleach etc so no tan really ever lasts long there but because this tan is so dark it did seem to show more, but over all if you wore gloves for dishes etc like I will in the future now this tan is GREAT

High quality sunless tanner- Consistent results- an even and naturally dark tan-15% DHA activation

This bronze formula is an instant "one-two weeks at the beach" type of tan. It looks extremely dark when applying. The actual tan is rich and deep and has held for a week at a time. It is buildable and that can make an impact on how long it lasts overall. It has had a very good fade. It has held its pigment and then slowly breaks apart. I could see it fade some on my legs. It didn't over pigment my knees or elbows but I have to be especially careful around my ankles and feet. It seems to deeply pigment that area. The tan has looked very natural on most occasions but the most recent has looked a little orange. I will continue to use it and update it if this continues. It does have a slight tanner smell that is not overly strong. It is sticky for a while but then my skin feels normal after about a half-hour. I have experience with a large variety of sunless tanners in varying qualities and this is a high-quality formula. This is a little secret weapon that provides an oasis tan. It would be good to see a satisfaction guarantee associated with this tanner.

Real Results

Product: Self Tanning Mousse


Literally the best self tanning mousse I have EVER used. (And I’ve tried them all at this point!!) don’t hesitate to buy this product, seriously have found my forever self tanner. Smells great when applying and doesn’t leave a lingering smell during the day like more self tanners do. Please don’t stop making this product ever! OBSESSED.
Shelby Foster
Products: Self Tanning Mousse

The Best!

This was my first time using self tanner and I absolutely love it! It goes on easy and there is no streaking. It’s smells good and doesn’t leave u looking orange m! Definitely my go to from now on!!
Product: Self Tanning Mousse

Amazing product

This product is absolutely perfect! There's no streaking, smudging, or gross tan smell. It has made my skin look and feel beautiful. My favorite is the cucumber scented face mist!
Product: Self Tanning Mousse

Best self tanner!

I absolutely love this self tanner, from the smell to the fast drying time! I normally leave it on for about 3 hours before washing it off and it gives me a very nice tan that last about 5 days and then I reapply. But over all this so far as been one of my favorites and go to this year!
Products: Self Tanning Mousse

Five stars

Amazing product !! Doesn’t make you look orange either. !! Very pleased and excellent quality !!!! Definitely salon formula !!!!
Edwin Arias
Product: Self Tanning Mousse

Best yet

Absolutely hands down the best self tanner I've used!! I purchased the MIT and it made for an easy application. My new go to! Fast,affordable and a perfect streak free tan😁
Angela Smink
Product: Face & Body Tanning Water

Love love love !!!

This stuff is a absolute game changer!!! Spray it on after the shower or in the middle of the day! It gives such a great glow! Especially for that tan no makeup look which I absolutely love!!
Product: Face & Body Tanning Water

Results are fast for me

I just got this item and used it yesterday. I had my bra on but already notice a difference after one use. I was shocked to say how much darker I already look. Would buy again once I run out.
Product: Gradual Tanning Lotion

It really extended my tan!

This is my favorite post tan product. It helps my tan stay on longer than usual and moisturizes my skin. I get lazy with lotion so this is a life saver!
Professional Spray Tan Solution Dark Premium Blend 15% 250ML
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